Human Resources

Our Values

• To de monstrate the importance weat tach to our business, businesspartners, employees, customers, farmers and our nation with our values.

• Being committed to our work with respect, discipline and dedication.

• With the importance we give to our employees, the love and respect we show, we always work to ensure their development; To make the distribution of work and duties on the basis of merit.

• To produce and develop high quality and efficient products as promised to our customers and to establish a long-term business relation ship with them, keeping customer satis faction at the fore front.

• Our main goal is to work shoulder to shoulder with our producers, who are our solution partners, and with our farmers who use our products, and to offer them the best product with the most accurateinformation.

• To protect our nation from foreign dependency on the issues we work with, with the added value we provide with the products we develop.

• To always make tradeclear, predictable and ethical.

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  • Brand: Electus
  • Date: 2019
  • Category: Corn Seed
  • Location: Bursa, TÜRKİYE